5 planning tips when hiring a marquee for your wedding

If you’re looking to hire out a marquee this summer for your wedding, we’d love to help find the perfect option for you. Marquees have become a highly popular custom for venue hire and especially summer weddings. In order to make a marquee venue work for you on your big day, here are a few top planning tips to consider, to ensure you’ve got everything covered:

 1. Parking

 If you hope to locate your marquee in the most idyllic location, always make sure that there is enough parking space for your guests. If there is a nearby field available for parking, provide a suitable path to walk on. Guests may not appreciate having to walk across muddy, wet fields in heels, so be prepared for all weather conditions.

 2. Toilets

 Some marquees may not have their own toilets, so you’ll most likely need to invest in a few portaloos for outdoors. If you purchase quality loos, guests shouldn’t mind having to use them!

 3. Food

One of the aspects you need to consider when looking for marquee hire is that you’ll need to hire your own external caterers. One of the benefits of doing this is that you can choose the food you desire for your wedding day. When hiring your marquee, ask the caterers how much room they’ll need to serve the food and always make sure that there is access to fresh water.

 4. Design

As a marquee is completely blank in design, you can use your imagination to decorate your pop-up venue exactly how you wish. You could choose a unique theme for your venue if you’re really looking for a unique touch. For example, bohemian, vintage, gothic, winter wonderland, shabby chic, Arabian, Moroccan, circus, nightclub and even beach. It really is up to you – there are no barriers on how you can decorate your marquee. There is so much space that you could even use the ceiling to hang decorations.

5. Lighting

You could ask the advice of a lighting company to create an atmosphere with lighting; or you could try your hand at managing the lighting yourself. Fairy lights have become popular for weddings, especially in venues such as marquees; twinkling as the sun goes down. You may even decide to add candles on each of the tables to add that touch of romance.

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