Your Christmas party in a marquee

With the festive season quickly approaching, your favourite bar, restaurant, pub or club is going to be inundated with bookings. So what alternatives are there? Well, how about hiring a marquee?

This way you can choose where to have your party, and whether to have a small or large gathering; you can even select the opening and closing times! If your gathering includes those with children, you can select a marquee that will cater for them too. You don’t have to have a large number of people; with reasonable prices, you can quite easily cater for a family gathering of a reasonable size.

With the acknowledgement that an outdoor Christmas party would be cold, a good marquee hire company will also provide heating. You don’t have to worry about what shoes you should wear, as a selection of flooring is provided. Usually, the standard type of flooring is carpet. In addition to this, you can also choose matted, plastic or wood; all of which, when fully decorated, would look beautiful and will complement the marquee perfectly. If, as with most parties, you have a selection of people who like to hit the dance floor, there will be an assortment of decent-sized dance floors to choose from.

With most venues, you have to put up with their choice of lighting; however, with a marquee you can take pleasure in decorating it yourself. You can choose from the standard globe lights, which come in white, stylish chandeliers and decorative fairy lights.

If you are stuck for what type of music to play, some companies also offer a DJ service. These professional DJs will be able to play any genre of music you request. They also come fully equipped with disco lighting and sound equipment.

You should also be able to select the type of table and chairs you want for your party. There is usually a good selection of chair covers and table cloths available.

An additional bonus for hiring a marquee is that you can also choose a theme; for example, you might want to opt for an Arabian paradise, the essence of Morocco, a wacky circus theme or a party-all-the-way nightclub theme. Some marquee companies also offer party extras such as a photo booth, bouncy castles, 3D laser shows and rodeo bulls.

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