When you’re hiring a marquee, getting it right can be a critical factor in making sure your event is a big success. Whatever the occasion, whether it’s a wedding, christening, special birthday or summer party, you’ll want to make sure you have everything prepared beforehand to ensure your event is remembered for all the right reasons. Below we’ve listed out everything you need to know about hiring a marquee.

Know your numbers

Before you look at hiring a marquee, you need to know the size of your guest list, or at least have a pretty close idea about the number of people who’ll be attending on the day. There’s no point in hiring a marquee where everyone is squashed in shoulder to shoulder, but equally, you don’t want a marquee which is far too big for the number of guests you have, which could make your party look empty. Working with an expert marquee supplier means we can advise on the size of marquee you’re likely to need, as long as you know your numbers.

Book in advance

Marquees are incredibly popular for events, so don’t assume the date you want a marquee is guaranteed. You must ensure booking your marquee is high on your list of priorities when planning your event. Summer is the busiest time of year for hiring marquees, with so many weddings and outdoor parties happening, so even if you’ve been told the date is currently available, make sure you secure your marquee with a deposit quickly so that you don’t miss out nearer the time.

What’s your party for?

If you’re hiring a marquee for a wedding, the chances are you’ll want tables and chairs, and a dance floor inside your venue. Consider how electric cables will work if you need heaters or a DJ and how the caterers can adapt their cooking and service into a marquee. Knowing what added extras you’re having before you book your marquee is also key in ensuring it allows you to create exactly the event you want. Also consider what time of year the event is you’re hosting – if it is in winter, you are more likely to want to provide heaters for your guests, especially if there are children or older people. Make sure your marquee will allow you to cater to everyone you’ve invited.

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