Finding the perfect site for your marquee…

 We often get asked where can I put a marquee? Well . . . the answer is anywhere!

 Marquees can literally be placed anywhere from a back garden to inside a village hall. So what do you need to think about when looking for a site?

 The surroundings

One of the most important factors for you to think about is the surroundings. Different events suit different surroundings and the right one really makes a huge difference on the day. For instance a rustic, shabby chic or vintage wedding is well suited in a woodland area or farm. These sites can be tricky to find but if you spend time researching online you will find some right gems! Take a look at one of our favourite spots in Hertfordshire… the ancient woodlands:

Lakeside weddings can also be absolutely stunning! Whilst these sites will still work with rustic themes they also are perfect for a more elegant day! We have recently taken on a beautiful lake for 2017 where we have only 15 dates available this year for weddings and other events. A stunning marquee will be set up lakeside from June 2017. You can see full details here: or CLICK HERE

Another popular venue choice are manor houses or stately homes. Whilst these can be considerately more expensive you do get benefits such as running water, use of kitchen facilities, electricity supplies and use of other rooms in the building. They also can offer catering options and staff to assist on the day. And of course not forgetting the often lovely views of the grounds.

Here are some sites to get you started: //

Other venues that offer nice views are golf clubs, seaside cafes or restaurants, cliff side venues, castles and derelict buildings.
You will find most venues or land owners will consider hiring space to you so get creative and don’t be afraid to pick up the phone!

 The costs of hiring sites

 Now costs for hiring sites can differ hugely depending on the location, how popular they are, the surroundings and the facilitates on site.

Let’s start with the cheapest option… your house! We are seeing more and more people hosting their events at home using the garden or driveway as a spot for the marquee. This is a pretty much free option and you will have the benefits of running water and electricity on site. In some cases you will be restricted in size, but we can offer a whole range of sizes and shapes to suit. We can even have marquees pushed up to the house so you can gain more room as an extension to the building. If you simply do not have the space, consider asking a friend of relative to use theirs.

You will find most venues that are available to hire specifically for events such as weddings and corporate days, will be far more expensive than hiring some land or using venues that are not so used to holding events. You would be looking at anything from £1000 – £10,000 to hire large wedding type venues such as stately/manor homes. Private and local venues such as cafes, football clubs, rugby clubs, cricket clubs, village halls can be a nice cheap option and offer facilities as well. You would be looking at anything from £50 – £500 to use such sites.

 Site suitability

Marquees can pretty much be erected anywhere. Obviously totally flat ground is ideal, but we can deal with uneven floors, slopes and even obstruction such as trees and water features. We can put marquees up on any type of ground from grass to gravel and can sit nicely on the back of buildings with doors opening up inside. You will need to consider the space available and obstructions on the site. If you require it as an extension to a building you must ensure doors are the correct height so they can open up easily into the marquee. Help and advice is always available with us on 01442 731 739

Other things to consider

 Local amenities, car parking for guests, power facilities, access and location

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