How to host a night at the circus

Roll up! Roll up! Step this way to host the greatest party of your life: a magical night at the circus. Adults and children alike will be enchanted, and it will all be down to your unparalleled organisational skills.

That’s right: if you want to organise a themed party like no other, we have some ideas to elevate your planning and transform your event. Fancy dress is always fun, but the same aesthetics spin around again and again like a tired old revolving door. Who doesn’t have a permed wig tucked away somewhere in their house, or a leftover tutu from a neon rave? It’s time to spice things up.

To throw a party to rival every other, we suggest thinking outside of the box and turning to the circus for inspiration. Intrigued? You should be. Here are some ideas to help you host the ultimate big top event.

The marquee

No circus would be complete without a big top to house it, and luckily for you, we can provide circus themed marquee hire. Now all you have to think about is how you’re going to make best use of it. Fill your mood board with a hint of the dramatic, the eccentric, and the downright crazy. Wacky colours and billowing fabrics are the vision you’re going for. Let your guests push back the tent flap, peek inside, and see a portal to another world.

The furnishings

The circus celebrates fun above all, and it’s your job to provide it. Fill the space with candy floss machines, bouncy castles, and rodeo bulls. Complete the look with life size props, from circus animals to welcome signs, and complement it all with diaphanous drapes and ethereal lighting. Though streamers should hang everywhere, remember to leave the ring clear for plenty of drinking and dancing as the night descends into exquisite chaos.

The entertainment

The location and furnishings may complete the look, but visiting the circus is all about the entertainment, and you need acts to astound. Clowns are essential, and who better than fire breathers to welcome your guests to the experience? You could complete the collaboration with your choice of jugglers, acrobats, or contortionists, and having a portly ringmaster present is a necessity.

Recreate the magic of the Cirque Du Soleil in your own back garden and treat your guests to the greatest show on earth. Invite friends, family, or your work colleagues, but remember this one vital rule: no matter who they are, a suitable circus costume is always a requirement.


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