Often people think marquees are just for summer due to our lovely British weather and how cold it gets in winter! But how very wrong! The quality of our marquees means you can hold your event in a warm, toasty and cozy marquee whilst the elements do their thing outside and you and your guests stay completely warm inside. In fact having a marquee can really be a wow factor for your guests due to how cozy we can make them.

Heating is obviously a major part in creating a comfortable atmosphere for your quests. We offer a few options for heating but there is only really one that towers above the rest and that is in direct heaters. These clever heaters sit outside of the marquee away from guests and pump how air through a duct into it. The heat is controlled by a thermostat from inside the marquee so you can get the exact temperature you want, just like at home!

Halogen heaters are not really suitable for winter as these only heat directly below them and not the actual space. We only really use these on open marquees in summer.

You can opt for a cheaper option in winter but direct gas heaters are controlled manually inside the marquee and need to be moved in and out when not in use.

You can ask any of our team about heating and the right amount for the marquee you need. We price our heating based on the marquee size so let us know what marquee you require and we can get a price list sent over. See our marquee sizes

You can check out all of our marquee extras and start creating your winter wonderland!


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