A popular theme trending this year are Moroccan inspired marquees. Great for all types of parties and social events, ideal for a cosy, laid back and warm atmosphere. And creating the perfect Moroccan marquee doesn’t have to break the bank!

 First things first… the flooring! We often use our rustic wooden floor in our Moroccan theme marquees with the choice of colored Moroccan rugs thrown on top.

 However its your marquee so you can have it how you like! Other clients prefer a nice beige, brown or burgundy carpet in the marquee.  Next the draping! Now draping is a must in the Moroccan marquee! If you have ever been or got inspiration else where from Morocco, you would of mainly seen vibrant multicolored draping! We would suggest using a standard ivory lining as a base to cover all the fame work (if your budget allows for this) then its time to get creative with colored overlays! You can literally choose any color you like. We often use a lot of dark browns, dark reds, purples, blacks and golds but ultimately its up to you! These can be pretty much hanged where you/we like. As you can see in the photos below we would normally hang these from the ceiling down to the sides and create curtain type drapes from the sides down to the floor

 Now lighting time! The most popular choices for a Moroccan themed tent would be a brass or tinted chrome chandelier hung in the lining and overlays. Then fairy lights strung in with the linings. These an be of course be set to your preference; flashing, still or dimming. Up lighters are also recommended for a bit of mood lighting on the walls. These can be set to red, purple, white, green or blue. Other choices such a festoon type lighting also look great in a Moroccan themed marquee.

 Now its time for decor! There are literally endless options for this. Palm trees and other types of plants look great:

Also popular at the moment are Moroccan style lanterns which can be hired in all types of shapes, colours and sizes. Moroccan furnishings really set the scene, loads of choices available such as large cushions, pouffes, sofas, large bean bags and cube seats. We suggest using low seating if it is an informal event.

Lastly one of our favourite additions to a marquee are shish-a pipes! These are not for everyone but they look great as decor and also are great entertainment for guests

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