There’s something really magical about planning your dream wedding. While weddings happen all the time, every ‘big day’ is unique to the happy couple and their own individual personalities. One truly brilliant wedding theme that allows these personalities to shine through is festivals! Colourful and lively, a festival themed wedding is not only perfect for summer, but it’s also great for adding a touch of vibrancy to a winter wedding. If you’ve decided on a festival theme, then a marquee is an absolute must for the venue, for several reasons.

1. Tents, tents, tents

The most iconic view of any festival is tents: camping tents, music tents, food tents, bars in tents! Naturally, hiring a marquee for your wedding adds an authentic atmosphere of festival life immediately.

2. Easy to customise

As marquees are a blank canvas, and usually have a multitude of decoration options available, from sophisticated to fun, you can really style it to suit your theme. Floral arrangements, bunting and fairy lights are all perfect for a festival vibe. When hiring your marquee, speak to the company about what they can offer in terms of lighting and decoration.

3. Perfect – come rain or shine

You can’t predict the weather, and in true festival style you and your guests will enjoy celebrating, whatever the weather. One fantastic thing about marquees is that you can have a truly special outdoor wedding, with the sides open and the sun streaming in, with the added comfort of knowing that you can shut out the rain should you need to. Look at marquee hire packages that include hard flooring, to protect your day against the elements.

4. Dance floors and music

It simply wouldn’t be a festival without music! When you’re choosing your marquee be sure to check if the company can provide everything you need for an evening of dancing. From dance floors and glitter balls to DJs with full sound and lighting; you’ll really get the party started. Some marquee hire packages will even be able to accommodate live bands and artists, for your hand-picked festival line-up.

There are so many ways to make your festival themed wedding perfect. Whether you’re feeling fabulous florals, wonderful wellies, posh portaloos or Glastonbury glam – that’s up to you! Either way, your wedding marquee will serve as the perfect venue for the happiest day of your life.


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