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Now we cannot all live in huge mansions unfortunately so a lot of people are often hiring marquees for extra room at parties or get togethers. Marquees are a perfect addition to a party and can be joined to your house or placed in the garden so you can cater for more guests. And what’s best you can create the look you want and not just in the marquee!

Firstly, working out what size marquee is best. Obviously, the main thing to think about is the size of your garden so getting some rough measurements will help when designing the marquee. If size is not an issue and you are lucky enough to have a huge garden, just let one of our team know how many guests you are hoping to carter for and we can advise on the best size.

Odd shaped gardens and site suitability. So, if you don’t have a clear space for a single marquee, it is possible to hire a few sizes and place them accordingly in the garden which can also be attached creating options like U or L shaped structures. They can be placed on patio, decking, grass and pretty much any other surface you may have in the garden. If the garden is at various levels then speak to one of the team with some photos of the area and they can advise best options.

Levelling un even ground or height differences is possible depending on the site. If the ground I just slightly un even then wooden floor is recommended. Always check and supply photos when enquiring.

Attaching marquees to your house. Now there is only one way we can physically attach a marquee to a building, and that would involve drilling into the brick work which most people don’t want us to do. Pushing marquees up to the house is just as effective and works well for parties so guests can flow from house to marquee with ease. Thins to think about: Are there any obstructions on the house that would prevent a marquee being pushed right up to the wall? What style doors you have and the height of these? The Gable side of the marquee (width) would need to be against the house not the length side. This prevents any water flowing from the roof, dripping down between marquee and house. (Unless you want a waterfall effect in the marquee this could work) For instance a 6m x 18m marquee. The 6m side is the gable end, which would need to be against the house.

Other bits to think about. Marquees can be left open or closed so summer parties people can walk from house, to marquee to garden with ease. Open marquees are great for summer BBQs and informal dinners.

When designing the interior of the marquee you can also hire equipment for your house so the whole event is matching. Things like up lighters, rugs, trees, props, fairy lights, furniture ect can all be hired for the garden and house as well as the marquee.

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