Are you planning and event this summer? Check out our 2017 tips for the perfect summer event!

 There is lot to think about when planning an event in summer as our great British weather is so unpredictable! Marquees are here to take away any worries you have. Not only will they shelter your quests in case of bad weather but having a marquee at your event will 100% add to the WOW factor!

 Open or closed marquees?


Having an open marquee (no sides on) has its advantages and disadvantages!

Firstly we just dont know for sure how the weather will be until the day of the event, so leaving all the sides off could be risky. The last thing you want are for your guests to be uncomfortable.  And on the other hand if it is a lovely day and you have great views an open marquee could be perfect. If you want to risk it, the best thing for you to do is monitor the weather forecasts and make a decision on the day. Another thing to think about is the evening as the temperature will drop especially if you are planning to party to the early hours.
A popular heating option in summer with open marquees are halogen or patio heaters. Unlike normal heaters which heat a space, these cleverly heat directly below them. Both are available to hire with UK marquee hire.

A closed marquee on a hot day can get hot! So if you opt to have all the walls on we would suggest monitoring the weather closer to the event and look at booking fans or air conditioning units for the marquee through us.

Clear walls and roofs

If you want to take advantage of a view whilst keeping in the heat we can supply panoramic walls and roofs on certain marquees allowing guests to be nice and warm whilst taking in the views. Our roofs look great on a summers evening looking up at the stars!

If you are looking for some extra cover outside of the marquee why not look at hiring a smal pop up gazebo which can be erected in a few minutes if and when you need it. These work great over BBQs, catering equipment or drink tables. If your looking for something larger we can supply canopies for bars, smoking areas and chill out areas.

 Summer furniture and extras

 Out door furniture is a good choice on a hot summers day for your quests to soak up the sun with a cold drink!
Why not wow your guests with a fully functional hot tub in or outside of the marquee?
You can check out all of our new summer extras in for 2017 HERE along with our usuals…


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