Terms and Conditions

 IN REGARD TO THE FOLLOWING TERMS & CONDITIONS UK Marquee Hire Ltd shall be referred to as “the Company” and the prospective client wishing to hire equipment or structures shall be referred to as “the hirer”.


As standard if the event is the same year as when booked a non refundable deposit of 50% of the total amount of the booking including vat would be due to secure the date and equipment. If the event is not in the same year a 10% deposit would be due with a payment plan set up between the hirer and the company. The full balance of any booking must be paid 2 weeks prior to the event date unless otherwise agreed with the company. Payments can be made via BACS, bank transfer or credit or debit card. If payments are not made on time, bookings will be at risk of cancellation. For cancellations please see clause 11.


The Company insurance covers our equipment for all risks excluding theft, wanton damage or vandalism. The hirer shall be responsible for any costs that occur when replacing or fixing any equipment that are missing or damaged.

All equipment must be left in the same condition as originally supplied by the company. If the equipment is not left in the same condition, cleaning charges may apply.

If tape is used anywhere on the marquee structure a minimum charge of £50 will be levied for cleaning any residue.

Security of unattended equipment is the full responsibility of the hirer especially if the site is not the hirers land; we strongly advise that the hirer arranges security for the duration of the hire as loses will not be covered by the Company Insurance.

The hirer will be responsible for all equipment hired until collected by Company employees. If there is a delay in collection then the hirer must ensure that all equipment is secured in order to prevent theft/damage.

If the Company cannot gain access to equipment hired then this will remain the responsibility of the hirer until such times at it can be collected.

The companies public liability insurance insurers the company for up to 2 million pounds. For further details  on this please contact the company.


It is the hirer’s responsibility to provide the company with the location of any underground services (gas, water, electricity etc) that could be damaged by marquee fixing spikes. The hirer will be responsible for any costs associated with the repair to unmarked/unidentified services and associated costs relating to their interruption resulting from not being identified to the company.


If extreme weather is forecast during the hire period we have the right to decline the erection and use of the structure. This is for the safety of all concerned.

The company monitors wind forecast daily and if gusting winds which exceed those set out in our wind management plan are predicted we will endeavour to contact the hirer and give advice on action to be taken. Hirers will be liable for the full hire fee in the event of late cancellation due to weather. Hirers must be aware of this possibility especially during the winter months.

If the marquee is already erected once severe weather conditions start, evacuate the marquee immediately and once safe call the company on any of the following numbers: 01442731739 or 07453961123. If safe to do so please ensure all entrances and sides are fully sealed where possible to avoid wind getting into the marquee. Hirers must ensure, where possible, all sides and ends are fully closed when the marquee is not in use.


When the marquee has been erected and all exits or openings agreed, this should not be altered or tampered with in any way as this may render the structure unsafe. If the marquee becomes unsafe due to tampering the hirer will be responsible for any damages or injuries.

 All of our weights and stakes are clearly visible with fluorescent straps, if any of these become loose or are tampered with, please inform the company straight away on 01442731739 or 07453961123.

If the hirer wishes to add decorations or equipment to the marquee structure it must be cleared with the company  before doing so.


It is expected that if flooring is ordered the ground will be flat to accommodate the type of floor used or for the company to be notified in advance if this is not the case as the company may have to arrange a site visit.

The company cannot be held responsible for any uneven finish to the floor caused by pitting or bumps on the surface beneath, the hirer should arrange to level surfaces as much as possible prior to marquee erection or contact the company to arrange levelling on the hirers behalf..

 The company do not advise carpet to be fitted on concrete as if there is poor drainage there is the potential for the carpet to become wet. The company takes no responsibility if this is the case. There may also be additional charges for weights on hard ground so please advise the company in advance of ground type.

We Require at least a 0.5m space around the whole of the marquee to secure the structure

 If a site visit is not conducted by the company, it is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure the marquee and all equipment with suitably fit into the space. For information on site requirements speak to the company who can advise you further.

Ideally the marquee needs to be set up in a clear and flat space, if there are any issues such as height differences, leveling issues, height obstructions etc, it is the hirers responsibility to let the company know in advance.

If the marquee build is delayed or canceled due to the site being ill prepared this may result in loss of the booking deposit and the company cannot be held liable.

All obstructions and debris including fouling by dogs must be removed prior to the build.

If the hirer intends to have the marquee butted or attached to a building this MUST be discussed and approved with the company before booking.

It is the hirers responsibility to ensure there is clear access to the site. If there is limited access or equipment is to be carried through a building the company must be informed before booking. Adequate parking no more than 20m from the site must be provided by the hirer. If this is not possible, it must be cleared with the company before booking.

As standard any power required for electrics will be run from plug points provided by the hirer no more that 30m from the site. If this is not possible an alternative power source must be organised by the hirer. This can be done through the company at an extra cost, but must be organised 1 week prior to the event.


For the safety of all concerned, the hirer may not enter the structure during the time the Marquee is being built.

The company cannot be held responsible for any injury or damage sustained by the public in or around the marquee during the hire period.

Under no circumstances should the hirer alter or tamper with any electrical appliance or power lead following installation. This includes extension cables.

The hirer should not “plug in” any electrical appliance or power lead to existing extension cables without first discussing this with a Company representative as this can lead to mains power being overloaded resulting in tripped fuse boxes.

A full health and safety brief will be provided on the day of erection along with a risk assessment filled out by a member of staff.


In certain cases the company may not be able to arrange the furniture, in this case the furniture will be delivered to inside the marquee and it will be there hirers responsibility to arrange it.

The hirer must ensure that tables and chairs are folded and clean and returned to the delivery area and are stacked for collection following use.

All furniture will be counted in and out with any shortages charged to the hirer.


The hirer is responsible for signing a completed safety checklist after consultation with a company representative once the marquee has been installed and in signing this checklist agree to abide by any instructions therein.

If the hirer is not present to sign the safety checklist two company representatives will do this on their behalf and a copy will be left for the hirer’s reference.

The hirer shall not use cooking equipment, lighting or electrical appliances or decorate the interior/exterior of the marquee without prior consent from the company. Any damage/soiling resulting in such use that may require repair or cleaning will be charged to the hirer. The hirer shall not allow anyone to smoke inside the marquee or within 6ft of the marquee.


The Company will not accept Liability and you may be liable for part/full hire fee:

When the marquee build is delayed or canceled due to the site being inaccessible or ill prepared or in any instance where the site is deemed unsafe by Company representatives.

Delay or cancellation due to adverse weather conditions.

Delay or cancellation due to the hirer not obtaining appropriate permission from the public or local authority.

If the marquee can not be erected due to adverse weather conditions the company will do its best to re arrange the booking depending on availability.


If the hirer wishes to cancel their booking, we must receive it in writing to [email protected] If the cancellation is made prior to 14 days before the date of the booking then any monies paid minus the non-refundable deposit can be returned. If the cancellation is made within 14 days of the date of the booking then the hirer is not entitled to a refund of any monies paid.


While every effort will be made by the company to carry out any order accepted, the full performance of it is subject to variation or cancellation by the company consequent upon Acts of God, War, Strikes, Riots, Lockouts or any other disturbances. Fire, Flood, Storm, Gale or Tempest restrictions on the use of Transport, Fuel or Power. Requisitioning Storage of material or transport or labour or any other cause beyond the control of the Company.

 13. POWER

If the company is supplying a generator the hirer is fully responsible for supplying the company with accurate power requirements for any external equipment being used. If the hirer plans on using the generator for any third party equipment, the company must be notified with accurate power requirements before the event. The company takes no responsibility for power failures due to external equipment faults. As standard if a generator is not provided the company assume power is supplied on site by the hirer.



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