How to throw a Moroccan-themed wedding

Morocco is a vibrant and romantic country, a perfect theme for any couple looking to plan an unforgettable wedding day. The Moroccan theme has been a popular choice for weddings over the last few years, creating a relaxed and luxurious vibe, a great choice for the ultimate wedding.

Start creating your dream wedding with Moroccan inspired flooring. A great way to achieve this look is a combination of wood flooring with authentic Moroccan rugs. If you would prefer to use carpet flooring in your marquee, opt for warm and vibrant colours. Rich reds, burnt oranges and deep purples are great colour choices for this theme. That being said, you can never go wrong with a neutral beige colour!

Now for the marquee draping. This is an essential part of creating a Moroccan themed wedding. If possible, ask for a light coloured lining to be added to your marquee. Layer colour upon colour with various shades of draping from the ceiling to the floor. Again rich, warm colours work great to create a Moroccan atmosphere. Ultimately though, the colour scheme is your own – so have fun. The more vibrant the better when it comes to Morocco!

With the base of your themed  marquee ready, you will want to add the right lighting to help set the scene. Lanterns are a popular choice for Moroccan themed weddings. Go that bit further and decorate your marquee with palm trees and cushioned seating for the ultimate Moroccan themed wedding party. It is these little touches that will help transport you and your guests and make them feel like they have stepped into a far off private party in Morocco.

To add those Moroccan touches throughout your wedding, consider themed entertainment. Traditional belly dancers are a great option. Adding shisha pipes nearby cushioned seating or outdoors is another way to help send your guests to Morocco. If shisha pipes are not your thing, consider using them as decorations rather than additional entertainment for your guests.

If you are hiring bar services, speak to them about creating Moroccan inspired drinks for your guests. Go for cocktails that include flavours such as mint, pistachio or rose. Ask for these to be served in large pitchers for guests to help themselves to, adding to the relaxed atmosphere this theme creates.


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