Top 5 marquee lighting tips

If you are hoping to hire a marquee as a venue for an event, lighting will always be a crucial aspect of the planning process. At some point in the day, the sun will start to set and your marquee will need to be lit appropriately. Whatever theme your marquee is the lighting will need to be correct.

If you are in need of some advice on how to choose the correct lighting for your marquee event, here are just a few tips to bear in mind:

1. Bulb colour

Warm white is the most popular bulb colour for weddings and formal gatherings. The tone isn’t overly bright and gives an intimate glow. If however, you are planning on holding a large birthday party, or themed event such as Arabian, Moroccan, circus or nightclub, you may also wish to use coloured lighting for decoration purposes.

2. Use LEDs

It would be highly advised to use LEDs over traditional filament bulbs. The latter option could cause overheating and may leave marks on the marquee fabric, or in the worst case scenario – cause a fire. LEDs on the other hand are safe to handle and remain cool, despite the length of time they are left on. Consider the health and safety aspects when choosing appropriate lighting.

3. Cable colour

Wiring is often overlooked, but it is a crucial point for the overall look. It would be best to choose lighting with clear or white cables to avoid spoiling the overall appearance. White or clear wiring will blend into the fabric of the marquee, whereas coloured wiring could spoil the overall interior design.

4. Types of lighting

The are many types of lighting you could opt for to decorate your marquee. If you are hoping to go for a bohemian theme, then using fairy lights would be an effective choice. Battery powered candles could be placed in the middle of tables and the great benefit is that you don’t need to worry about fire hazards.

5. Think about your budget

You don’t have to spend thousands on lighting for your marquee. In order to save costs, it would be advised to purchase low voltage lights, especially if you need a large amount. Heavy duty cable lights are a little more expensive, but can be used time and time again for indoor or outdoor use. Consider the usage you will get out of your lighting to determine how much you spend.


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