I work with 100’s of brides every year and build up great relationships with them when organising and helping with their wedding plans. It is so much fun and an absolute great feeling seeing the end product on their big days after months and sometimes years of planning. I have even been invited to a fair few of them and made some friends along the way. Now that I am planning my own wedding I thought it would be fun to share some hints and tips with other brides to be.

So why have your wedding in a marquee? There are a lot of benefits to using a marquee instead of the more traditional venues such as hotels and stately homes and can make your big day unforgettable! I find a lot of weddings can be very similar and don’t really stand out much, but marquees are completely blank canvas that you can embellish, furnish and accessorize exactly how you wish without breaking the bank. They can be simple and modest or wildly extravagant, it’s totally your call. You don’t get this flexibility with normal wedding venues. We personally offer set themes or clients can choose their own and we can create packages to fit the budget, eliminating a lot of stress that comes along with choosing all those small but important details.

 Another advantage is size. Whether you are having a small intimate dinner or a big party with everyone you know, there is a right size marquee to suit your needs. A lot of people are opting to host their wedding at home which cuts the cost dramatically and a marquee is the perfect addition. Alternatively to give your wedding a wow factor you can put a marquee in beautiful grounds of a manor house or castle and a lot of these have rooms that are licensed to hold your ceremony which means you won’t have to transfer your guests to separate venue.

 Summer weddings . . .

 Whatever your style and taste, there is a theme for you. A popular theme for summer weddings is a rustic/festival vibe and these are great for weddings on a budget. A simple marquee is what’s needed here. If you’re lucky enough to pick a day where the sun is shining keeping the sides off is a great way of making the day less formal.

Having only roof lining with fairy lights is pretty and simple, along with some festoon lights there will be enough lighting for your event and will tie in great with your theme. Depending on where the marquee is situated, leaving the flooring out so you have grass can be a lovely touch and saves you money. Wooden tables and benches give a relaxed, friendly feeling to your day and are great for guests to socialise. If you looking for something a bit more formal, limewash chiavari chairs also fit in well. To give a more authentic feeling bunting, barrels and hay bales are great décor options. Often guests use hay barrels as informal seating and wooden barrels as informal tables for drinks and chat. A fun way to entertain your guests and give it an extra festival feel is a popcorn machine, candy floss machine and bouncy castle. When the sun sets and its getting a little chilly Marino fire pits give off loads of heat and your guests will feel as they are sitting around a camp fire!

Winter weddings . . .

 A lot of brides may not even consider having a marquee during the winter season, but with modern heating the cold is no longer an issue. Many heaters are quiet and are situated outside so don’t take up any space. They can also be controlled via a thermostat so the marquee will be the perfect temperature. A well-suited theme for a winter wedding is  a winter wonderland. This can really be striking, especially with the right décor. A fully lined marquee with fairy lights, crystal chandeliers and blue uplighters will create a winter’s night atmosphere. White carpet will give the illusion you are walking on a blanket of freshly fallen snow.

Ice chiavari chairs are the perfect accompaniment and give the illusion your chairs are carved from ice. Décor is really important to get this theme across, hanging snowflakes, tall light up twig trees with matching table pieces and a snow covered bar are all great options and a snow machine really adds a really magical touch. It really can be such a romantic theme if done in the right way. It is such a nice feeling for your guests coming out of the freezing cold into a warm, beautiful marquee.

 Vintage is a theme that is always in style and great for every season. It’s classy, elegant and simple but stunning and are also good for weddings on budgets. A fully lined marquee with brass or crystal chandeliers give the marquee an authentic feel, along with ivy or flower garlands in the roof. Wooden flooring or a beige carpet will tie in well and will go with any colour scheme. Limewash chiavari chairs come with a range of coloured seat pads to match your colour scheme. I would suggest an ivory pad to blend in with the rest of the marquee. Used without accessories their timeless look will fit right in or dress them up to make more of a statement with them. Classic candelabras, you can’t go wrong with them if you are going for a vintage centrepiece. They are cheap and easy and look great.

These are just a few themes you can consider, but really the only limit is your imagination. From a simple black and white to a wacky Alice in Wonderland, the list is endless. Whether you are a bride who knows her mind and can let us know exactly what she wants or you would like to chat over some ideas and get some inspiration, we are always here to help. You call us on 01442 731739 or if you are struck with inspiration at 2am you can always get us on our sales@ukmarqueehire.com and we will get back to you first thing.

 Next week, I’m going to be discussing, in detail one of the most important factors of a marquee . . . lighting! So stay tuned.


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