Why a marquee is the perfect venue for your next corporate event

If you normally consider marquee hire as being only for weddings or other celebrations, then think again. Corporate marquee hire is becoming increasingly popular, making an excellent, cost effective choice with more flexibility than a soulless corporate function room.

Choose a site that works for you

Whether you want your event to be accessible to your headquarters, or prefer to hold a conference or presentation in a specific location, the choice is yours. That’s the kind of flexibility you can expect when you hire a marquee.

Since you won’t be tied into using hotel catering, you can afford to look for more creative and cost effective catering solutions from anything from food trucks to local catering companies. In terms of bespoke event management, it’s very hard to match the sheer flexibility that a marquee offers.

Create the right ambiance

A corporate venue can be sterile, stifling creativity and innovation. A new location, some stunning scenery and the right ambiance – whether that’s urban and dynamic or tranquil and rural – can really inspire your workforce to innovate.

And because you’re fully in control of the decor and style of the marquee you hire, you’ll have the ability to design and create an event that makes your organisation stand out from the competition.

Get the dimensions right

Hiring a marquee instead of using a conventional conference room has other benefits when it comes to size and space, because the layout of your corporate marquee can be almost endlessly flexible. You’ll actually find that you can not only accommodate all your delegates in a marquee for your initial presentations, but you’ll also have enough space for workshops and even catering, giving your event a very professional edge.

And if you do need to provide breakout space for your delegates, then chairs and tables under umbrellas on a summer’s day can do wonders for innovation, just as bringing nature into the office has been proved to increase productivity.

No compromises

Gone are the days when marquees were simply giant tents. Now you can have all the audio-visual equipment, mood lighting and sound facilities that you need, with no compromise over a bricks and mortar venue. By hiring a marquee, you can both inform your guests and entertain them with ease and a great deal of style.

Hire a marquee for your next corporate event and you’ll enjoy the kind of positive feedback you rarely encounter when you hire a function room.


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