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How much does a marquee cost to hire?

A very popular question from our clients! And there isn't really a straight answer for this im afraid. However we have included some rough costs to help you work out if a marquee is for you or not!Firstly it all depends on the size of the marquee. We stock a whole...

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What Marquee flooring works best?

What Marquee Flooring Works Best? - So your looking to hire a marquee for your event but not sure on what flooring is suitable.... Heres some helpful tips to help you decide. We stock a few options for flooring in our marquees. These are Wooden flooring: Our boarded...

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Marquees are not just for summer!

Often people think marquees are just for summer due to our lovely British weather and how cold it gets in winter! But how very wrong! The quality of our marquees means you can hold your event in a warm, toasty and cozy marquee whilst the elements do their...

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Your Christmas party in a marquee

Your Christmas party in a marquee With the festive season quickly approaching, your favourite bar, restaurant, pub or club is going to be inundated with bookings. So what alternatives are there? Well, how about hiring a marquee? This way you can choose...

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How to throw the ultimate arabian nights themed event

How to throw the ultimate arabian nights themed event To make your event really stand out, a strong theme is essential. Try something different and bring a little bit of Arabian glamour to your party by throwing the ultimate exotic event with an Arabian...

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Why you need a marquee for a festival themed wedding

There's something really magical about planning your dream wedding. While weddings happen all the time, every 'big day' is unique to the happy couple and their own individual personalities. One truly brilliant wedding theme that allows these personalities...

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How to host a night at the circus

How to host a night at the circus Roll up! Roll up! Step this way to host the greatest party of your life: a magical night at the circus. Adults and children alike will be enchanted, and it will all be down to your unparalleled organisational skills....

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Top tips for your beautiful beach wedding

There's something uniquely beautiful about a beach themed wedding. The sky, the sea and the spectacular scenery can all change from minute to minute, presenting some huge challenges and some stunning backdrops for your wedding photos! Site your marquee for...

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Everything you need to know about hiring a marquee

When you're hiring a marquee, getting it right can be a critical factor in making sure your event is a big success. Whatever the occasion, whether it's a wedding, christening, special birthday or summer party, you'll want to make sure you have everything prepared...

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Creative party ideas to make it memorable

If you are throwing a party to celebrate a graduation, birthday, anniversary, christening – or just because it’s summer – then your main aim will be making it as memorable as possible. Television shows and the internet are full of proof that these days, if...

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How to throw a Moroccan-themed wedding

How to throw a Moroccan-themed wedding Morocco is a vibrant and romantic country, a perfect theme for any couple looking to plan an unforgettable wedding day. The Moroccan theme has been a popular choice for weddings over the last few years, creating a relaxed and...

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Planning a party at home

Planning a party at home Now we cannot all live in huge mansions unfortunately so a lot of people are often hiring marquees for extra room at parties or get togethers. Marquees are a perfect addition to a party and can be joined to your house or placed in the garden...

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Popular themes

Decoration and theme ideas Marquees are a blank canvas so get creative and take advantage of the endless possibilities for creating stunning areas! And whats best, there is no compromising! You will have the look you want!  Lets look at some popular designs from 2016,...

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Moroccan Theme

A popular theme trending this year are Moroccan inspired marquees. Great for all types of parties and social events, ideal for a cosy, laid back and warm atmosphere. And creating the perfect Moroccan marquee doesn’t have to break the bank!  First things first… the...

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5 planning tips

5 planning tips when hiring a marquee for your wedding If you're looking to hire out a marquee this summer for your wedding, we'd love to help find the perfect option for you. Marquees have become a highly popular custom for venue hire and especially summer weddings....

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Top 5 marquee lighting tips

Top 5 marquee lighting tips If you are hoping to hire a marquee as a venue for an event, lighting will always be a crucial aspect of the planning process. At some point in the day, the sun will start to set and your marquee will need to be lit appropriately. Whatever...

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finding a site

Finding the perfect site for your marquee...  We often get asked where can I put a marquee? Well . . . the answer is anywhere!  Marquees can literally be placed anywhere from a back garden to inside a village hall. So what do you need to think about when looking for a...

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Summer tips

SUMMER TIPS AND TRICKS   Are you planning and event this summer? Check out our 2017 tips for the perfect summer event!  There is lot to think about when planning an event in summer as our great British weather is so unpredictable! Marquees are here to take away any...

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Wedding tips

KAYLEIGHS WEDDING TIPS  I work with 100’s of brides every year and build up great relationships with them when organising and helping with their wedding plans. It is so much fun and an absolute great feeling seeing the end product on their big days after months and...

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